The WeBe Nest is an adjustable and modular Hugging Sleeping Nest for premature and newborn babies.
It has a soft mattress with two elongated “huggy-arms” on both sides. The two arms are flexible and can be designed to accommodate many of the baby’s positions, adapt to its needs and modified to its rapidly growing size.

The WeBe Nest aims to ease the transition from womb to the world. It does so by embracing the baby and providing it with a sense of borders (where it starts and where it ends). There is nothing like a parent’s hug, but when the parents wish to rest a little, the WeBe Nest enables the baby to remain embraced and feeling safe and relaxed.

The WeBe Nest provides a border for the baby in its crib, stroller, or in its parents’ bed, thus providing it with a sense of security and serenity. The patented huggy-arms are dynamic and ingeniously desgined to roll in and out, always keeping just the right fit around your rapidly growing baby. The huggy-arms can be close or far from the baby’s body, can be longer on just one side, change weight of the parts that touch the baby and more. They can accommodate any position the baby, or its mother or father, desire.

Backed by Research
Studies show that the use of a nest that borders the baby’s body, results in newborn and premature babies showing less stressful behavior when they lie down on their backs or on their side. Support is provided by the hugging-arms serving as the nest wall, giving the baby a feeling of stability and steadiness. This results in the baby’s ability to move its hands to its mouth, thus pacifying itself. The use of a nest was also found to reduce involuntary movements (Moro reflex) resulting in continuous sleep for the baby. Furthermore, the WeBe Nest assist in reducing gasses and eases colic. It is possible to position the WeBe Nest so that the baby’s legs are folded towards the stomach while one of the hugging-arms is placed on the baby’s tummy – the weight on the tummy is just right.

From day 1 to six months
The WeBe Nest is good for use for premature and newborn babies from day 1 (also inside the incubator), up to the age of 3-4 months. When your baby overgrows the nest, the hugging-arms can be separated from the mattress and provide additional “wrapping” for the baby until the age of 6 months, or can be used as a baby bed head protector.

Developed by experts
The development of the WeBe Nest was led by Hilla Boral – an occupational therapist, expert in child development with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Hilla worked with specialists from Tel Aviv University and Meir Hospital in Israel, and hired the best product designers and manufacturing experts.

Safe and easy to use
The WeBe Nest consists of a mattress and two wipeable huggy-arms covered by material (called polyurethane) that can be wiped easily. The huggy-arms are filled with plastic pebbles approved for baby products. The sheets are 95% cotton and 5% spandex silicon and are machine washable.

All materials are approved for the use of newborn and premature babies by ASTM and CE standards. 

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