“its genius! it is not clear to me how this nest wasn’t abailable before, it’s so obvious that tiny babies will want a soft, embracing, hugging space for themselves. And it works!!! Anat really loves her nest and is quickly calming down and falling asleep in it. She sleeps on our hands or in the nest… Ever since we moved the nest to our bed everyone is sleeping much better 🙂
It’s without a doubt the best gift we’ve got!”
– Aya, Anat’s Mom

“She sleeps really good in it and there is a feeling that it also maintains the heat and gives her a feeling of tranquility and confidence. It also prevents her from” traveling” in the crib or taking the blanket off. She really enjoys. It is a wonderful gift! ”
Timna, Ema’s Mom

“From the moment we got home Harel was in his nest (when he was not in our arms)…in his crib, stroller, bed and when he was next to us on the couch. Wrapped in a blanket we put him in the nest and we made sure to let him feel the limits of his body, so that way Harel found a familiar and a cozy environment… we owe a warm hug to those who invented it. “
Noa ,Harel’s Mom

The nest is wonderful! We used it for our tiny premature triplets, and it helped us give them a feeling of security, tranquility and warmth… the hugging arms are literally hugging our babies when we can’t, and help them sleep great (and us too.. )
It’s simply a wonderful gift, go get one!

– Amir and Tal, yuval, Gil and Yoav’s parents


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 “A newborn baby needs our help to neutralize noises and stimulations, in order to fall asleep.

Some parents use a cloth dipper to make some kind of “bed nest”, trying to mimic the small, warm, embracing space babies had in their mom’s womb. But this way is sometimes very complicated, not professional and not really safe for the babies.

During my searches for an adequate solution I stumbled across WeBe’s brilliant nest.

The Nest is ASTM, CE and Israeli standers institute approved and is safe for use for both newborn babies and preemies (also inside the incubator!). It mimics feelings the babies had inside their mother’s womb and neutralizes unwanted stimulations that interfere with the babies’ sleep. The Nest provides babies with a feeling of clear and stable borders and helps them feel “bundled” and safe. I especially liked the attached “WeBe Scent” which allows us moms to leave our scent with our baby, thus allowing it to feel close to us even when sleeping.

As a senior sleep consultant and an expert in babies sleeping habits, I highly recommend the WeBe Nest to all my clients.”

Maya Steinhardt – Ziv

Owner and Manager of MamaMaya school

Senior Sleep Consultant

“Libi used the Nest since his first day in the world. On the couch next to me or sleeping in its crib, the nest was there. I have no doubt the Nest gives him a pleasant feeling, cradle him and help him feel secure. It helps him fall asleep quickly and he sleeps for longer periods of time.

In this age (0-5 months), it is very important to help babies fell safe by imitating feelings they felt inside the womb.

Think about it – until not long ago, your baby was floating around in the warm and safe womb, having no worries or fears. Suddenly, without any preparation, it finds itself in the huge and scary outside world.

The WeBe Nest helps babies relax and feel protected, which is imperative at this age. After trying the Webe Nest myself with my sweet Libi, I highly recommend it to every baby and parent.”

Shelly Proper-Rosen

MA Social Work

Sleep Consultant, Parents Coach and Marriage counselor

Libi’s proud mom 🙂

“The first time I put down Boaz in the WeBe Nest (without any additional wrapping around such as a tetra blanket) he immediately fell asleep. It was amazing!

Together with the Nest we got the additional sheets, in case one of them gets dirty, and they’re very soft and pleasant. We also got the additional products for the development of the senses, which were very useful. It seems the WeBe Nest full kit really has it all…

To sum up, I just have to say me and Boaz are in love with the WeBe nest 🙂 “

Lihi Mosko,

sleep consultant and parents coach

Boaz’s mom

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The unique advantage of the WeBe nest is its modularity. It can hug and cradle the baby according to its needs, and allows even minor and delicate changes that positively affect the baby’s calmness and sleep. It seems that thanks to the nest’s sensations and materials the babies sleep better with it, rather than without it. Using the nest is very important for the infant’s first months, and helps it adjust to the world in the best way possible.”


Jeannie Gadish 

Occupational therapist at Tipat Halav – Family Health Centers by the Israeli Ministry of Health

“The Nest supports the preemies’ best positions for them. It gives them confidence and helps them acquire the abilities needed for developing their senses. I have no doubt that babies are more relaxed while lying in the nest, epically preemies, given the stressful environment they are in”.

– Vered Karber
Occupational therapist at Barzilai hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

“I was introduced to the WeBe Nest in the NICU, where we use it to cradle and position preemies. We also use the sense products, especially the tactile sense tool. I personally purchased a kit for a friend of mine that gave birth at week 36. She says it’s the best gift she got! She and her husband use it in the stroller and cot, and they are very pleased with it.  The Nest helps them calm their baby and also tackle gas problems (they put one arm on the baby’s tummy).
Personally, I really believe in the product!

The nest allows “cradling” the baby and provides it with a sense of borders and surrounding while sleeping. For the parents it helps to “free their hands” as it improves their baby’s sleep quality and length.

I wish I had one for the birth of my son 🙂 “

– Tuval Ginsberg,
Physical therapist at the Child Development Center at Galilee Medical Center

“The physiologic position of the fetus (flexed adducted – like a ball) and the feeling of security deriving from the contact with the borders of the womb are two crucial and vital fundamentals for normal development of babies.

So when you’re not holding your baby in your arms, I highly recommend placing it in the WEBE HUGGING NEST in a flexed position. The hugging arms of the nest provide support and sense of physical borders for the baby in any position, while in flexed position provide the baby with the essentials it needs for its development. The WEBE HUGGING NEST provides the baby with the opportunity of  bringing his hands together or his hands to his face, and this position gives the baby the possibility for proper sensory – motor development.”

– Gila Rabinovich
Senior Occupational Therapist in NICU of Tel Aviv “Ichilov” Hospital

Tel Aviv University Lecturer
An expert in normal development of newborn and premature babies

“We use the WeBe nest regularly in the NICU. It’s a great product, cradles the babies much better than the cloth diapers nests we used to make for them. It’s easy to use and can be cleaned and sterilized quickly. It allows as to change position easily and it supports various positioning. Laying in the WeBe nest help the preemies remain more “gathered up”, and they are more calm and relaxed in it. We also weigh the preemies while they lay in the nest.”

– Batya Dahan
NICU’s Head Nurse at Barzilai Hospital

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