• Is the WeBe Nest safe for infants?
    The Nest is completely safe for use of babies and preemies from day 1. The Nest has the ASTM and CE standards, and is used by parents and in hospitals in Israel and the US (also inside incubators!), for more than 3 years.


  • Is the WeBe Nest suitable for every baby?
    Yes. The nest is good for use for every baby, whether born prematurely or on time, at the hospital (also inside the NICU!) and at home.


  • Is the WeBe Nest a replacement to the moms hug?
    There is no better than a mother’s hug! Our goal is not be a replacement – but when mommy goes to sleep or needs to relax her hands a bit, WeBe’s hugging nest will be there to keep embracing your baby, giving it a sense of security and calmness.


  • What ages is the WeBe Nest good for?
    The nest is best used from day 1, for preemies and newborns. Our adjustable “huggy-arms” allow the nest to grow with your baby, keeping the sense of boundaries and security up to 3-4 months.
    When the baby outgrows the mattress size, you can take the huggy-arms out of the mattress and use them independently, giving you another 1-2 months of use.
    When the baby starts to roll over, it signals us the tight embrace is no longer needed. You can then attach the huggy-arms together and use them as a long baby’s bed head protector.


  • Where should I put the WeBe Nest?
    The Nest can be put in the crib, cradle, bed or stroller. Simply put – wherever you baby is lying, the nest can help sooth it. So it’s recommended the nest moves with your baby. Caution – do not pick up the nest with your baby in it! Set up the nest first, and then put your baby to sleep in it.


  • How does the WeBe Nest help my baby to sleep?
    In their first few months, babies tend to enjoy feelings that remind them of the womb. The nest helps mimic the sense of boundaries and embrace they had in the womb, making them more secure and calm and allowing a better, more continuous, sleep.


  • What are the WeBe Nest dimensions and wight?
    The mattress is 20 x 12 inches. The huggy-arms are 12 inches each one, but can be joined together and make a long 24 inches “snake pillow” that can be used outside the mattress as a different baby positioner or as a bed’s head protector.
    The whole nest weights about 3.5 pounds.


  • What is the WeBe Nest made of?
    The mattress and huggy-arms are both made of an easy to wipe cover called polyurethane, while the mattress also includes foam inside it. The sheets are 95% cotton and 5% spandex silicon.
    All materials are approved for the use of newborn and premature babies by ASTM and CE standards.

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