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WeBe is a family owned company specializing in manufacturing products for newborn and premature babies.
Established in 2013 and based in Nataf, a small community in Israel.

All of the company products were developed by me – My name is Hilla Boral, an occupational therapist (OT) with more than 30 years of experience with babies and children development. I was the director of the OT department at the ALYN rehabilitation hospital for children and today I manage the ALYN Center for Innovation.

As an OT I met children with sensory and motoric problems. Many problems can be prevented in the first place if one focuses on several issues during infancy. These are WeBe’s goals – to help ease the transition from womb to world, make parents and their babies bond from day 1 and help prevent developmental problems in early stage of life, both for premature and for babies born on time.

During the development stage of the products I worked with experts in child and premature babies’ development at the Tel Aviv University, at the NICU at Meir Hospital, product designers and experts on cloth and textile as well as producers of babies products.

Our products ease the transition from womb to the world in two ways;
1. Calming down the baby
2. Delicate and gradual stimulation of the baby’s senses

Understanding that the transition from womb to the outside world is traumatic for babies and that the outside environment imposes stress on them, our initial goal is to reduce that stress and calm the baby. The WeBe Nest makes it possible to cuddle and embrace the baby so as to provide it with a sense of borders (where it starts and where it ends) and help it to reduce its world to the dimensions it can deal with. The embrace of the nest provides the baby with feelings of warmth and security, and assists in an easier process of falling asleep and sleeping for longer periods of time.

Stimulating the senses contributes to normal development of babies. Babies learn the world through the senses, which develop extremely fast. Yet during young age, these senses are delicate and cannot absorb a large number of stimuli. Over stimulation increases the stress on babies resulting in crying, demanding to remain in parents’ arms and difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping continuously. Therefore, our products are made in light colors, in appropriate size for babies up to the age of 6 months, and are limited in the number of stimuli they produce.

All the company’s products have appropriate safety approval, and are safe for use as of day one. Our products are used in many hospitals in Israel.
All the products can be machine washed and are durable for years.

I invite you to read on our unique innovative products and try them out yourself!

Hilla Boral

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