The Webe Nest is the perfect gift for newborn and premature babies!
it hugs your baby, giving it a feeling of boundaries and security. The WeBe Nest will calm your baby down and help it to fall asleep easily and quickly!

What is the WeBe Nest?

The WeBe Nest surrounds your baby, cradles it, and eases its transition from womb to world. It’s adjustable and can be modified for your baby’s needs and rapidly changing size.


Is the WeBe Nest safe? What ages is it good for? Parents have already asked us the important questions! Find out the essentials through our Frequently Asked Question page!


Many tried our WeBe Nest and were amazed of the results!
Read what parents, sleeping consultants and professionals have to say about the WeBe Nest!

“It’s genius! It not clear to me how this nest wasn’t available before, it’s so obvious that tiny babies will want a soft, embracing, hugging space for themselves. And it works!!!
Anat really loves her nest and is quickly calming down and falling asleep in it. 

Thank you! It’s without a doubt the best gift we’ve received!”

– Aya, Anat’s Mom

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